Climate Action Ilkley

… is a newly formed community campaign group. We can take action together to tackle climate change and make a just transition to become a sustainable zero carbon community.

Working together with the community of Ilkley we can develop proposals leading to the implementation of detailed initiatives to address climate change locally.

Climate change is personal. It's our kids, our grandchildren, our community. It’s everyone. Everywhere. We need to take action together. Now.

Climate Change

What we all need to know

  • It's warming
  • It's us
  • We're sure
  • It's bad
  • We can fix it

Ilkley Town Council

The town council passed the following three resolutions:

  • Climate change is real, caused by human activity and is an urgent challenge for everyone
  • Ilkley Town Council supports Climate Action Ilkley to develop local initiatives
  • A Town Councillor will liaise with Climate Action Ilkley

Neighbourhood Plan

We need to make sure the Neighbourhood Plan being developed for Ilkley contains commitments to tackling the challenge of climate change.

This plan carries some weight legally once it has been passed by referendum in Ilkley next year. This means it’s very important to use it to specify things like improving cycling routes, improving pedestrian experiences and also building standards relating to tackling climate change.

We Can Fix it:

One Planet Living is a vision of the world where everyone, everywhere can live happy, healthy lives within the limits of our planet, leaving space for wildlife and wilderness.

The One Planet Living framework has 10 principles which will guide us:

  • Zero carbon
  • Zero waste
  • Sustainable transport
  • Sustainable materials
  • Local and sustainable food
  • Sustainable water
  • Land and nature
  • Culture and heritage
  • Equity and local economy
  • Health and well being